These photos are so tricky to your brain, you have to see them twice

These photos are so tricky to your brain, you have to see them twice

First man ever to get pregnant?

Sometimes, random photos bring our imagination up to incredible levels.

In photography, there is a term called juxtaposition. Juxtaposition is a very demanding skill in a photographer to see things not many can see and create tricky visualization that provoke high attention and thoughts.

However, you don’t have to be a great photographer to take those photos. Sometimes all you need is luck and, of course, a camera or smartphone to capture the moments.

Check out the compilation of brain-tricking photos down below and see for yourself!

OMG! Horned monster!

First man ever to get pregnant?

Are you a descendant of some dinosaur species?


What kind of daughter is this? Girls please do girly things!

Is the knife floating in air?

Please bang my head. Can’t get out of this illusion!

Can’t get where she came from :((

What a twist! She twists 360 degrees like nothing.

Guess what it is?

If this were in game, this must be a place to get the supreme weapon!

Such a pose it is. Are you trying to tell something?

Alien selfie!

Cat on two feet?

Alien signs?

Get me everytime.

This little mouse playing hide and seek?

Nothing can beat human imagination, right? We are such a lucky creature to over grace this earth. Aside from the incredibility of the mind, it is the camera to allows such great images to happen.

The first ever camera made by human is the camera obscura (meaning Dark room in Latin). It is a natural phenomenon that happens when a scene is projected through a hole and forms an image inside a box. This technique was first noticed by Chinese people in the Han Dynasty (The first to discover this phenomenon it was philosopher Mozi who lived between 470 and 391 BC).

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