The Famous ‘Frog And The Princess’ Couple Is Splitting Due To Affair?

The Famous ‘Frog And The Princess’ Couple Is Splitting Due To Affair?

Karna Radheya and his beautiful wife Polly Alexandria Robinson are known as one of the most famous mismatched couples today. In 2018, they stormed the social networking sites in Asia because of their somewhat disparate appearance.

Earlier this year, the couple happily announced that they were expecting their first child. And this summer, they posted the first pictures of the sweet crystal of their love.

What happened to this viral couple?

But they are now separated?

However, after a while, the Indonesian social network recently stirred up with the news that this “Frog and the princess” couple had gone their separate ways.

Reportedly, the beautiful wife Polly left home with another man, according to the comments of netizens on the husband’s YouTube channel Karna Radheya. This person said that Polly had returned to the UK and is linked with another foreign man. The alleged infidelity has caused the couple’s dreamlike marriage to show signs of breaking.

Rumor has it that someone got in between their relationship.

The comment immediately attracted the attention of the online community. Many people said that recently, Karna Radheya and his wife Polly have completely stopped posting photos of them together on social networks.

Polly posing with her baby bump earlier.

Since giving birth, Polly has disappeared on Instagram and so has Karna. Therefore, people believe that it is very possible that their marriage is in trouble.

The husband clarified the myth

Amongst the increasingly widespread rumors, the husband finally spoke up, denying the false rumors. He said that what the online community said about his wife was not true.

The husband confirmed that the rumors are false.

The woman with foreign men talked about by the online community most likely has the same appearance as Polly. However, Karna did not elaborate on the current marital status of the two as well as their common child now.

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