Scolded for being single, girl climbs out of the balcony and is saved by an “out of nowhere” man

Scolded for being single, girl climbs out of the balcony and is saved by an “out of nowhere” man

It was reported that the girl was scolded by her parents on the Shi-Shi festival – the festival to celebrate true love. This leads to her losing her mind.

Recently, a clip recording the rescue of a doleful girl in China attracted riveted attention from the public for the full-colored sensation it brought.

The incident occurred on August 14 in Xinyang, the Henan Province. The local ambulance department received a report about a girl crawling into herself on the 13 floor. However, the location was extremely dangerous.

Right after that, the ambulance department of Xinyang attended at the spot and successfully rescued her before she would do anything silly.

The reason was that at the Shi-Shi festival, her parents shouted at her, criticizing her for getting too old and ugly but never trying to find a husband as they were too much looking forward to a grandkid at old ages. Too disappointed with her parents’ opinion, she climbed out of the balcony and sat down to think about their scornful exclamations.

Luckily, not until did she harm herself, a firefighter jumped out of nowhere to reach the girl and take her up. He later scolded her and teach her lessons why the stupid thing she just did.

However, the firefighters later reluctantly acted judge to help the family reconcile by advising the parents not to be so difficult with their daughter.

In more misfortunate news, on August 28, in Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province, a resident recorded a kid hanging around on the balcony for while without any help and had to drop himself off. The clip later got viral on the internet where people criticized the kid’s reckless parents.

Local news reported that the kid played alone and accidentally slipped out of the balcony. He tried to cling onto the balcony but could only hold it for a while. The kid’s parents were all at home that time. The mother was working online while the father did not watch his child and in a moment of inattention, the child got out of the 22nd floor.

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