Japan Princess to turn down royal dowry in her marriage at the end of 2021

Japan Princess to turn down royal dowry in her marriage at the end of 2021

Japanese media reported Princess Mako will marry at the end of this year and move to America, refusing the royal dowry.

On September 1, Kyoko News sourced the government’s news stating that Princess Mako, the niece of the Japanese King, will finally marry her fiance Kei Komoru after years of postponement. However, they will not organize a traditional wedding. The wedding rituals are going to include “Nosai noGi”, in which the two families exchange gifts, and Choken no Gi. in which the couple attends in front of the Japanese King and Queen before getting married.

In such a situation when the public does not sit well with Mako and Komuro’s wedding because of disagreement on money between Komuro’s mother and her ex-boyfriend, Princess Mako is likely to turn down the family dowry of 150 million yen (1.36 million USD) (given to female members of the royal family when getting married. According to the Japanese Royal principles, Mako’s title will be removed after marrying a common person.

The marriage of Mako and Komuro, both 29, has been postponed for 2 years for the over-4-million-yen argument that the ex-boyfriend of Komuro’s mother said she had lent him the money to pay for Komuro’s tuition fee.

If Mako marries Komuro without completing traditional rituals, she will become the first female royal member to avoid doing it in the post-war era of Japan. According to an officer at the Imperial Household Agency, the government will consider the validity of not giving royal dowry.

This money was part of people’s taxes for the purpose of maintaining the reputation of royal members. The agency is making plans for Princes Make and Komuro to explain their decision to the public.

Komuro is living in America, has graduated from the law school of Fordham University in New York, and sit an examination for lawyer degree in July. The result will be announced in December, then work for a local law company. Princess Mako is believed to move to America after the marriage.

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