India: Future teachers caught cheating using Bluetooth flip-flops

India: Future teachers caught cheating using Bluetooth flip-flops

Credit: Kacey Nguyen | Unsplash
Credit: Kacey Nguyen | Unsplash

Indian police said they had caught a group of students who cheated during an exam using Bluetooth flip-flops.

Reports state that 10 participants have been arrested for the act of cheating in India. The plan was so meticulous and high-tech that it almost fooled the whole system.

Credit: Scott Graham | UnsplashCredit: Scott Graham | Unsplash

Cheating in examinations has long been a big issue in India, so in government exams, last Sunday, 1.6 million Rajasthan state students were instructed they were not allowed with any means of internet connection. However, a group of students still managed to get their devices into the rooms without busted. These devices were made compatible with other smaller devices attached to their ears and concealed in their flip-lops platforms.

These devices were used to help students in the room make calls with others outside and communicate the exam.

Credit: Ridwan Muhamad Iqbal | UnsplashCredit: Ridwan Muhamad Iqbal | Unsplash

Fortunately, this could not deceive the police as the group of students were arrested right the day before the exam. Noticing the strange expressions and behaviors outside the exam hall, the police discovered Bluetooth devices concealed in their flip-flops.

Speaking of this incident, police offcier Priti Chandra said that they knew there was a sign of cheating that might happen. However, it was the question of paper leak or internet access? It turned out a newer and surprising means: Bluetooth.

Chandra: “But this was a totally new modus operandi. (They) are getting so tech savvy.”
Further investigations disclosed that more than 24 students were prepared with these special flip-flops which were believed to cost them 600,000 rupees or $8,100 per pair from a gang.

Credit: Agence Olloweb | UnsplashCredit: Agence Olloweb | Unsplash

The discovery has helped the state prevent another corrupt exam as the news was soon delivered to other districts. The next morning, all students were asked to leave their footwear outside the rooms.

This is a very important exam, a teaching exam. Without finding it out in time, there might another pandemic for India in the future when these incompetent students become teachers or even lecturers.

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