5 times humans encountered UFOs

5 times humans encountered UFOs


The modern history has witnessed several “face-offs” with Unidentified Aerial Phenonmena (UAP) or Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) which are so mystical that hardly any could give proper explanation for it.

1. UFO encounter on the Rainier mountain, Washington, America (1947)

Pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying his private plane as he saw a flare. What followed was something that he described “like a plate”. It was moving at incredibly high speeds along the Rainier mountain. After that, he saw other 8 “plates”. The pilot then reported about his witnessing “unidentified flying objects” (UFO).

2. USS Nimitz encountered UFO on November 14, 2004 in the Pacific ocean

160 kilometers to the south from San Diego, fighter pilots on America Navy SEAL’s USS Nimitz aircraft carrier had an encounter with a weird white UFO that had a giant TicTak shape and could move 3 times faster than the speed of sound.

3. UFO encounter on the New Mexico desert (1964)

Sergeant Lonnie Zamora was driving down a muddy path as he saw an “egg-shaped aircraft” came out at the end of the road. First, Lonnie thought it was a car waiting for help. However, he saw a blue flame and heard a loud sound. The object started to take off. 5 tourists at the scene also confirm they saw this aircraft flying.

4. Charlie redstar UFO in Canada (1975)

Hundreds of people living in southern Manitoba, Canada said that they saw a strange object that emits orange-red light taking off to the sky every night for a span of several months. The UFO was dearly named Charlie Redstar. Charlie inspired countless UFO-watching parties across the Manitoba fields the whole time of its appearance.

5. UFO encounters in Belgium

In the span of 5 months between 1989 and 1990, there were up to 13,500 people saying that they had seen black triangle-shaped UFOs flying low and silently. Each of these UFOs had 3 orange lamp lights, which was totally different from what’s ever reported. The skeptical called this event mass hallucinations. However, the one who believed in the existence of UFO said that the military radars went wrong when the triangle-shaped UFOs appeared, so the UFOs were truly happening, not hallucinations.

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